The magical use of pur hot melt adhesive in the carton sealing industry


     In the past ten years, the improvement of people's material living standards has placed higher requirements on the quality of life, especially personal safety and health. When the customer inspects the factory, he pays great attention to some dangerous items that may cause harm to human health (such as ban knives, metal pieces, other sharp tools, etc.), and the inspection is very strict. For example, traditional outer carton packaging uses copper nails to bind the cartons. Copper nails, as the only metal objects, may scratch the arm during handling. This forces manufacturers to find alternatives to copper nails to bind the cardboard into boxes. . Pur hot-melt adhesive is just in line with the carton packaging process, with strong viscosity, fast curing speed, environmentally friendly and odorless.



    We know that traditional outer cartons are bound with copper nails, and copper nails are made of metal copper. Because the material is more precious, the cost of carton binding is higher, and the copper nails cannot be reused when the discarded cartons are recycled, and the waste is large. If the copper nails are not cleaned thoroughly when the cartons are shredded and reused, the paper shredder may be damaged. Therefore, in recent years, in the product packaging process, more and more customers have expressed that the traditional copper nailed and bound cartons are unacceptable. The metal nails may scratch people during the handling process. It is clearly stipulated that other alternatives are needed to staple the cartons.