How many ways do you know about hot melt adhesive?


There are two ways to paste hot melt adhesive, that is, bonding in two different physical states, namely hot bonding and cold bonding. Today we will explain the difference between cold bonding and hot bonding.


    1. Cold bonding: As the name suggests, it is a way to paste without heating at room temperature. The most common type of cold bonding is pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive. In its application, cold glue is used more, and self-adhesive bag sealant is used more in life, which is the hot melt adhesive cold glue method. This kind of self-adhesive bag cannot be pasted at the mouth of the bag during the production process. The hot melt adhesive will cool down in a short time, but we usually wait for a long time after leaving the factory when we use it. The hot melt adhesive has already cooled during use, so Only cold bonding method can be used, and cold bonding will not cause overflow of glue, which will cause less damage to the surface of the substrate. It can be adhered tightly only by gently pressing the bonded substrate.


    2. Hot-bonding: It is the method of using the glue dispensing equipment to paste the glue to the substrate immediately after heating the hot-melt glue with the hot-melt glue machine. This method is very common in applications, such as coating compound, shoe material Outsole, large board flat stickers, etc. The hot bonding method applies glue dots to the substrate to be bonded, and the molten hot melt will fill up the crevices and textures on the surface of the substrate, and even enter the interior of the substrate, thereby firmly bonding the two substrates. Glue together.