Do you know these characteristics of hot melt glue gun?


The company’s hot melt glue gun has the following characteristics:

1. Sensitive glue-off function: the unique air-on-air-off needle valve is used as the intermittent glue design to provide a more sophisticated shut-off function.

2. The gun head is made of all stainless steel materials, and its life and wear resistance are far beyond the traditional aluminum module.

3. The nozzle adopts laser manufacturing technology to provide high-precision and high-performance glue spraying effect.

4. The unique inner spiral heating of the atomizing gas ensures the temperature and uniformity of the airflow, fully guarantees the atomization effect of the spray glue and strong adhesion strength, so as to meet the requirements of less glue and good subsequent hair. Pur hot-melt adhesive machines are widely used in electronics factories, food factories, packaging factories, and other hot-melt adhesive tape bonding products.