How much do you know about the glue solution for pur hot melt glue machine?


   The division of labor in modern society is becoming more and more refined. Today, the application industry of pur hot melt adhesive machines is very extensive. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the characteristics of platen glue machines and pur hot melt adhesives in order to be able to perform well in all aspects when consulting customers.

1. For pur hot melt adhesive: we need to start with the material to be bonded. The surface of different materials has different initial adhesion and holding adhesion to the hot melt adhesive. The food grade used after the product is bonded, and the use after bonding Comprehensive judgments are made on environmental temperature, humidity, water resistance and other aspects, and finally the ready-made pur hot melt adhesive formula needs to be slightly adjusted.

2. For the pur hot melt glue machine, the temperature setting of the platen glue machine, the selection of the gluing process (gluing, dispensing, gluing, squeegee) according to different materials, and which hot melt glue gun to match, need to be matched What kind of automatic gluing equipment and so on.