The operational safety of pur hot melt glue machine is easy to ignore


     The pur hot melt adhesive machine should be carefully read the safety operation manual before installation and use to prevent unnecessary problems. In this section, we will focus on the matters that should be paid attention to when installing and using the pur hot melt adhesive machine:


1. When installing and using the pur hot melt glue machine, it should be ensured that there is no volatile and explosive gas in the surrounding environment. In addition, no flammable and explosive materials can be stored around the equipment. Because the pur hot melt glue machine will produce high temperature when it is working, in case the high temperature will ignite the surrounding volatile gas and flammable and explosive products.


2. The pur hot melt glue machine cannot be installed in an environment with good ventilation and fast flowing air. Because the fast-moving air easily cools the glue flowing out of the hot-melt glue nozzle assembly, resulting in a wire drawing phenomenon, which affects the bonding quality of the product. Affected by the fast flowing air in the environment, the curing time of pur hot melt adhesive becomes shorter, which is prone to wire drawing.


3. The pur hot melt glue machine must be equipped with appropriate protective devices when in use, and operate under a good insulator or a good protective panel. If a protective fence is added around the heated plastic barrel, the equipment power supply must use three plugs to prevent static electricity. Non-professional training personnel can not disassemble the machine, and only professionally trained personnel can disassemble and repair the machine when it needs to be repaired.


4. The use of pur hot melt adhesive machine also pays attention to the environmental temperature. Pur hot melt adhesive machine has its normal use environment temperature, and it cannot work in the surrounding environment below 0 and temperature above 50. The equipment is at a relatively high working efficiency and can extend the service life of the equipment.


5. When replacing the pur hot melt adhesive, it is best to clean the heating plate of the pur glue machine, so as to prevent the residual glue on the heating plate from reacting with the moisture in the air and solidifying for a long time, which affects the product quality.