What are the ingredients in the hot melt glue stick


1. Basic resin

 The basic resin of hot melt adhesive-resin is made by copolymerization of ethylene and vinyl acetate under high temperature and high pressure. Resin is the main component of making hot melt adhesive. It is formulated according to the required ratio, and generally accounts for 40% of hot melt adhesive. ~60%.

2. Tackifier

 Tackifiers are one of the main additives of hot melt adhesives. If only the basic resin is used, it will only have bonding power when it melts at a certain temperature. Once the temperature drops, the bonding will not be strong, and it will lose its bonding ability. The paper stops wetting and soaking, and the ideal bonding effect cannot be achieved.

3. Viscosity conditioner

Viscosity conditioner is also one of the main additives of hot melt adhesives. Its function is to reduce the melt viscosity, increase mobility, wettability, and adjust the solidification speed to achieve the purpose of fast bonding and firmness.


4. Antioxidant 

The colloid will be oxidized and synthesized due to the high temperature when it is melted. Adding an appropriate amount of antioxidant can avoid the premature aging of the hot melt adhesive. Moreover, under high temperature conditions, with an appropriate amount of antioxidants, the viscosity of the adhesive will not change, which is enough to ensure the binding effect of the books.