Hot melt adhesive testing procedures and standards



Adhesive testing standards

 The maximum time distance between the mixing of the adhesive and the pairing of the parts to be bonded


Initial curing time

 Time to reach the removable strength, allowing sufficient strength to handle the bonded parts, including moving the whole machine from the fixture


Complete curing time

 The time needed to obtain the ultimate machine function after the adhesive is mixed


Storage period

 Under certain conditions, the adhesive can still maintain its operating function and the storage time of the specified strength


Bonding strength

 Under the influence of external force, the stress required to cause damage to the interface between the adhesive in the adhesive and the adherend or its vicinity


Shear strength

 Shear strength refers to the shear force that the unit bonding surface can withstand when the bonding part is damaged, and the unit is expressed in MPa (N/mm2)


Uneven pull-off strength

 Discuss the maximum load that can be sustained when it is affected by uneven pull-off force. Since the load is mostly concentrated on two edges or one edge of the adhesive layer, it is the length of the unit rather than the area of the unit. The unit is KN/m


Tensile Strength

 Tensile strength is also called average tear-off strength and positive tensile strength. It refers to the tensile force suffered by the unit area when the adhesive force is damaged. The unit is expressed in MPa (N/mm2)