Do you know the main points of cleaning and maintenance of pur hot melt adhesive machine?


     Pur hot melt glue machine is also called pur glue machine and pur spraying equipment. Like other industrial equipment, it needs to be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals to ensure that the equipment is clean and operating normally, so that it can exert its maximum effect. Usually pur hot The melter must be cleaned and maintained after 2 months of use. Today we will talk about the matters that should be paid attention to in the cleaning and maintenance of this equipment, and summarize the following points:


    1. Before cleaning the pur hot melt glue machine, cut off all the power supply while maintaining the pressure in the lifting cylinder, and then separate the hot melt adhesive plate of the glue machine from the pur hot melt glue bucket. Note that when the pur hot melt glue machine is taking off the barrel, the air pressure filled into the cylinder cannot be increased too much at once. This will cause the high-pressure gas to be directly taken off the barrel and cause unnecessary accidents. It should be slowly increased from small to large until the heating plate is removed .


    2. When cleaning the heating platen of the pur hot melt adhesive machine, you must wear special high-temperature protective clothing with high-temperature resistant gloves. The residual temperature of the plastic barrel, heating plate and the residual glue on it may be as high as tens of degrees, directly in contact with the skin. These high temperature parts can cause burns. In case the pur hot melt adhesive melted accidentally sticks to the skin, it must be rinsed with cold water immediately, and it should not be peeled off directly.