What is special about pur hot melt glue machine used in leather industry?


1. Short curing time

    The curing speed of pur hot melt adhesive is very fast, which is about 6-20 seconds depending on the amount of glue. This requires the rapid spraying of the pur hot melt adhesive machine, and the glue is uniform and smooth, and it will not be slow or uneven due to the glue. The glue will be broken; it will not cause the sticking position to move and stick due to the long curing time;


2. The paste is firm

    The glue sprayed by the pur hot melt glue machine can not only cure in a short time, but also has a very strong initial viscosity. It can be applied to a variety of leather and leather materials. It is safe and environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. At present, the pur hot melt adhesive has replaced the double-sided adhesive. , 502 glue and other bonding methods, supporting the use of a gluing machine can also be used for automatic gluing, which meets the requirements of modern technology for product quality and output;

3. Gluing at low temperature

    Normal leather leather fabrics are relatively thin and cannot withstand high temperatures, and are easily deformed or even scorched in high temperature environments. In view of this, the pur hot melt glue machine can work at a lower temperature (usually 120-150°C). Equipped with a spiral glue gun to spray glue, it can effectively control the amount of glue and evenly apply the glue. Just spray a thin layer of glue to quickly cool and solidify. The time is very short. There is no need to worry about the pur hot melt adhesive on the material. Damaged, so pur hot melt glue machine is very suitable for leather leather paste.