Talking about whether the hot melt glue stick will fall off in water


          Products that need to be soaked in water can also use hot melt glue sticks! But this requires glue users to avoid the defect that hot melt glue does not stick to water. Since the defects of hot melt adhesives are inevitable, when using hot melt adhesives, the dependence on adhesion must be minimized.

Some people may say that hot melt glue is used to make it stick together. If it is not sticky, it is best not to use it. However, in addition to adhesiveness, hot melt adhesives also have heat resistance, which also brings flexibility to product production and development. What we are discussing here is to reduce dependence on hot melt adhesives.

 This is not to say that the stickiness of hot melt adhesives is not used, but that other bonding techniques are used to avoid the consequences of its non-stickiness. However, if the hot-melt adhesive destroys the surface of the material and penetrates sufficiently, it can also prevent the hot-melt adhesive on the surface of the material from falling when it meets water. This requires that product developers must have a more adequate prediction of the bonding effect before the bonding construction.

    The hot melt adhesive does not stick to water, which is effective in general, but not necessarily effective in some special cases. This involves the product's consideration of the glue technology, as long as it is applied in place, hot melt glue swimming in the water will not be a problem.