Do you know the gluing process of pur hot melt glue machine?


The gluing method of the hot melt glue machine is determined by different bonding materials and hot melt glue guns. During work, the pur hot melt glue melted on the top is stirred and pressed by the gear pump into the hot melt hose, and finally flows out through the hot melt glue gun to the bonded object. The same pur hot melt glue machine is replaced with different heat The glue gun can realize multiple gluing methods. The pur hot melt glue machine has a variety of gluing methods: roller glue, glue dispensing, glue spraying, glue coating and so on.

1. The glue rolling method usually uses a roller groove and a strip gun. First, the glue is poured into the roller groove, and the PUR hot melt glue in the roller groove is evenly rolled on the surface of the bonding object by the rotation of the roller, and it is applied to a large area of glue. Crafts, such as cloth composite, large slab flat sticking;

     2. The glue dispensing method usually uses a strip glue gun or a dot glue gun to dispense PUR hot melt glue on the object to be bonded according to a certain path. This gluing process is commonly used in electronic appliances, etc.;

     3. The spraying method usually uses spiral spray guns and fiber spray guns. The amount of glue sprayed by the spray gun is very small and very uniform. It is often used in small and irregular gluing processes, such as shoe outsoles, car interiors, etc.;

     4. The gluing method usually uses a scraping gun. This gluing method requires a large amount of glue and is often used for cloth compounding.