How much do you know about the advantages of PUR hot melt adhesive?


1. Solvent-free, one-component type.

     Compared with other liquid glues, PUR hot melt adhesive is 100% adhesive and does not contain solvent type. Therefore, it does not require too long a drying process during the bonding process, and it can bond two objects in about 6-20 seconds. , You can save time. Moreover, there are no solvents that will not pollute the environment and poisoning. The flux is a kind of thing that has a greater smell and pollutes the environment. Nowadays, industrial products have stricter control on the flux, and there is no need to add it if it is not added.


2. Gluing at low temperature.

     EVA hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc., have relatively high melting points. The general use temperature is 170-200°C, while the pur hot melt adhesive has a relatively low melting point. The general use temperature is 120-150°C. It is hot melt than EVA. The glue is as low as 50°C. This data is particularly important. The low heating temperature of the equipment can not only save energy consumption, but also reduce the corrosiveness of the hot melt adhesive to the equipment during the heating process, extend the service life of the equipment, and prevent the hot melt adhesive from being in the equipment and hot melt. Carbonization occurs in the hose and glue gun. This feature is particularly suitable for bonding heat-sensitive materials, such as plastic films and other materials that will deform and melt when subjected to high temperatures. The bonding process is simple and can be applied by roller coating or nozzle coating and other sizing methods, which is suitable for various automatic sizing machines.

3. Fast curing.

     Because PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain solvents, the cooling process is very fast, and the viscosity is particularly strong after cooling. It can fix two adhered objects in a short time (about 6-20 seconds), thereby quickly turning the adhered objects Into the next processing procedure to improve work efficiency. This is incomparable to other liquid glues. After the liquid glue is applied, it must wait for the glue to dry completely (at least a few minutes to tens of minutes) before it has a strong viscosity.


4. Applicable environment.

    It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance. The objects bonded by PUR hot-melt adhesive will not be degummed in an environment of about 150°C for 16 hours, and in an environment of 90°C for 3 days. Moreover, it can maintain good viscosity in the alternate environment of sudden cooling and heating, and the ability of water resistance and chemical resistance is very strong.