What shadows of PUR hot melt adhesive machines have you found in your life?


      The sports tools in these activities are inseparable from pur hot melt adhesive secrets. The PUR hot melt adhesive machine is very close to our lives, and its application can almost find its shadow in life.


sports shoes

    Traditional non-slip sports shoes are sewn directly, and the production process is more complicated and inefficient. The improved technology is made of modern industrial equipment. The non-slip shoe material outsole is made of multilayer polymer materials, which is very elastic Well, use environmentally friendly pur hot melt adhesive, which has strong bonding firmness, airless and odorless, and high-strength bonding can be achieved with a small amount of PUR hot melt adhesive.



The basketball sports tool has very high requirements for abrasion resistance, water resistance, and strength tear resistance. For the pasting of this kind of leather products, the effect of using pur hot melt adhesive is also very good. After the general glue is pasted, it will form a relatively hard bump at the glue application, which not only affects the appearance of the basketball, but also opens the glue when exposed to water or after a long time of use. Pur hot melt adhesive does not. It has the characteristics of fast curing, delicate after drying, strong viscosity, strong ductility, environmental protection and odorless, which can meet the friction resistance and high strength tearing of basketball.