Why do the auto industry choose PUR hot melt glue machine?


For high-end products such as automobiles, the requirements for the specifications of various parts during the production process are very high, as small as each screw must be strictly inspected before it can be used. Today we are going to talk about the sealing performance of automobiles. It is very important in automobile manufacturing. The requirements for quality are relatively high. At present, the sealing performance of automobiles mostly depends on the bonding process of PUR hot melt adhesive.

We all know that a very important function of a car is fast, and at the same time it can shelter us from the wind and rain, despite the storm outside, sitting in the car is not affected at all, all of which depend on the sealing of the car. As the automatic gluing application of PUR hot melt glue machine becomes more and more extensive, as a high-tech product in large demand-the automotive industry, it has begun to use a fully automatic robotic arm supporting PUR hot melt glue machine to complete the bonding process. Among them, the PUR hot melt adhesive machine is the necessary spray equipment for PUR hot melt adhesive. Whether it is in the production of automotive interior accessories or the sealing performance in the later assembly stage of the car body, it is applied to this spraying equipment, and it requires bonding The glue has good sealing effect, is smooth and neat, and is not easy to melt. All these characteristics of PUR hot melt adhesive are just what they should have. It can cure quickly, is insoluble in water, and resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. Therefore, it is best to use PUR hot melt adhesives. s Choice.