The difference between hot melt glue, water glue and oil glue


Hot melt adhesive


The unit material is low in packaging and transportation costs, does not freeze, does not require drying equipment, is easy to bond to the impermeable surface, quickly produces bonding strength, has good storage stability, continuous film formation, water resistance, and no vapor penetration.


water glue

Advantages: water is used as a solvent, cheap, environmentally friendly, generally non-toxic and tasteless, the glue itself is not flammable, has a wide solid content, and a wide range of viscosity. High concentration and high molecular weight materials can be used, permeability and wettability can be adjusted, and some glues can be used. Achieve good water resistance and bonding strength.


Oil glue


Using organic solvents as solvents, short curing time, low energy consumption, good water resistance, fast drying speed, wide opening time, high initial bonding strength or viscosity. The bonding strength of refractories with low polarity is better than that of hydrogels.