What kind of solid is hot melt adhesive


     Hot melt adhesive is a polymer product that does not require solvents, does not contain moisture, and is 100% solid and fusible. It is a solid at room temperature. It is heated and melted to a certain level to become a movable and viscous liquid. The mixture is light brown translucent or natural white after melting.


     The main component of hot melt adhesive, namely the basic resin, is copolymerized with ethylene and vinyl acetate under high pressure, and then mixed with tackifiers, viscosity modifiers, antioxidants, etc. to make hot melt adhesives. Strong polarity and good wettability are often the characteristics of adhesives that can achieve high bonding strength. Hot melt adhesives have no solvent, so mobility and wettability are shortcomings. To improve the bonding strength of hot melt adhesives should be mainly from The polarity and wettability of hot melt adhesives are hands-on.