Hot melt glue stick can not stick to what


Hot-melt adhesives have strong molecular activity, and their molecules are easily affected by temperature and humidity to become lively, resulting in changes in the adhesive effect. Therefore, hot-melt adhesives face the greatest challenge in environments with heavy humidity and extreme temperatures. In addition, whether the material of the base material can be easily pasted is also a big consideration. The better sticky base material will naturally have a better sticking effect, and it will also help the hot melt adhesive's stickiness.

If the surface of the substrate is smooth and impenetrable, no matter how good the hot melt adhesive is, the hot melt adhesive will not be removed. The weak cohesion on the surface of the adhesive layer is used to maintain the adhesion to avoid too much risk. Therefore, for substrates of different materials, it is necessary to use the corresponding glue for gluing. If hot melt adhesive cannot be used from time to time, it is unreasonable to request hot melt adhesive to meet higher adhesive requirements from time to time. Various glues have their own characteristics.