Talking about the common problems of hot melt glue sticks


1. Hot melt adhesives are mainly used in electronics, handicrafts, glass, packaging, luggage and other industries.


2. Hot melt adhesive particles are mainly used for sealing and pasting the edges of filters and furniture. The specific situation depends on the use and the hot melt glue machine.


3. Mainly introduces the problems and solutions in the application of low-hot-melt rods and hot-melt particles. First of all, hot melt rods often fall off. There are two main reasons:


1. It may be that the power of the glue gun is too high and there is no regulating valve. Optional adjustable glue gun or low-power glue gun.


2. Since the melting point of the colloid itself is too low, it is recommended to replace the product with a slightly higher melting point.