What are the advantages of PUR hot melt glue machine?


    PUR hot melt glue machine, a special spraying equipment for PUR hot melt glue. Compared with ordinary hot melt glue machines, it has several major advantages that ordinary hot melt glue machines do not have. Today we will briefly introduce:

1. The normal working temperature of PUR hot melt glue machine is 120-150, and the highest temperature does not exceed 200. It can work at a lower temperature to greatly extend the service life of the equipment, which is compared with ordinary hot melt glue machines. The temperature drops by approximately 50-80°C.

2. The PUR hot melt glue machine relies on the heating plate to heat the hot melt adhesive. It can only heat the layer of glue attached to the heating plate. How much heat is used, so it will not affect the properties of the PUR hot melt adhesive, and the preheating time is relatively good. short;

3. When the hot melt glue under the barrel is not in use, it will not be heated and will not be in contact with the air. There is no need to worry about deterioration. The glue barrel is always sealed and no impurities will enter the glue;

4. It is convenient to replace PUR hot melt adhesive, which can save a lot of time. When replacing the adhesive, the heating plate is always at the set working temperature, and it can be quickly put into work after replacement;

5. It is relatively simple to clean the PUR hot melt adhesive machine. Pour the cleaning agent directly into the barrel, and then flow out through the hose glue gun after melting.