Hot melt glue machine will become the new favorite of the packaging industry such as cartons, cartons, paper bags, etc.


     With the widespread application of hot melt adhesives, the rapid development of hot melt adhesive machines has been promoted, and the two complement each other. As long as the industry uses hot melt adhesives, hot melt adhesive machinery must be used. The hot melt glue machine has manual, semi-automatic, automatic glue application with matching assembly line, automatic glue dispensing with matching manipulator, automatic glue spraying with matching automatic equipment and so on.

     In the packaging industry, more and more companies have chosen fully automatic hot melt adhesive machines. For the bonding of paper bags, cartons and cartons, semi-automatic or fully automatic hot melt glue machines can be selected according to the existing conditions of the enterprise. Among them, the automatic hot melt glue machine is more labor-saving, and cooperates with assembly line operations to intelligently control glue spraying.

     The automatic glue spraying speed is adjustable, which greatly improves the production efficiency. For small businesses, you can also choose a manual hot melt glue machine to save input costs. The hot melt glue machine equipment has many kinds of glue discharging methods. Different industries, different processes, the choice of glue discharging methods are different.