What are the precautions for using PUR hot melt adhesive?


1. Storage conditions:

PUR hot melt adhesive should keep the ambient temperature between 8~22 during the storage process, and avoid placing it in a dry place exposed to light and a place with excessive air humidity. Do not continue to use the product whose packaging has been damaged.


2. Check before use:

a. Before using PUR hot melt adhesive, check whether the vacuum aluminum foil bag is in good condition. Do not use it if it leaks. Once it leaks, it will react with the moisture in the air and lose its viscosity;

b. Do not wait for the PUR hot melt adhesive to return to room temperature before using it;

c. Pre-heating: PUR hot melt adhesive is pre-heated without tearing off the aluminum foil (usually 5~15 minutes), or the packaged PUR hot melt adhesive can be pre-heated in an oven. It is recommended to control the temperature to 100 ;

d. After the preheating is completed, check whether there are rubber scabs on the top and tail of the hot melt hose, if there are any, pick them out, and then PUR hot melt adhesive can be used;

e. Remove oil, dust, paint, release agent, oxide layer and other substances that affect the bonding on the surface of the bonded part to ensure that the surface of the bonded workpiece is dry.


3. Glue:

a. The temperature and air pressure of PUR hot melt adhesive varies from project to project. Please consult the technicians of Baiqun Technology for details;

b. Stainless steel needles should be used as much as possible, and the inner diameter of the needle nozzle depends on the specific project;

c. Before installing the needle tip, please discharge a small amount of glue to ensure that the PUR hot melt glue can be used normally;

d. The length of the needle tip exposed to the outside of the heater should not be greater than 3mm.

e. After applying the glue, remember to apply butter on the hose or glue muzzle, which can effectively prevent the PUR hot melt glue from contacting the air.