How is the hot melt glue machine applied to Bluetooth headsets?


Bluetooth headsets are currently widely used and are gradually replacing wired headsets, especially for morning joggers and drivers. In fact, a hot melt glue machine is also used in the manufacturing process of Bluetooth headsets, and hot melt glue is used to increase its practicability and life value. Traditional production is dominated by manual operation. Affected by the advanced development of intelligent automation technology, the bonding of Bluetooth headsets has been greatly improved, and the use of automatic hot melt glue machines has greatly improved.

The shape of the Bluetooth headset is irregular. If manual glue is used, it is more difficult to locate the glue and the work efficiency is relatively low. The automatic hot melt glue machine and the glue machine are used to glue, not only the amount of glue is uniform, but also The production efficiency is high and the bonding quality is very good.