Hot melt glue sticks will deform when used at high temperature


      There are several types of edges used for the edges of metal plates. Different types of edge banding also require hot melt adhesive at different temperatures. Improper use of adhesive will deform the seal and cause loss.


      According to market demand, the sealing strip is made of PVC wood grain sealing strip, ABS sealing strip, melamine sealing strip, and solid wood sealing strip. The material is different, of course, the corresponding hot melt adhesive must be used for bonding. There are three types of hot-melt adhesives for the edges of metal plates: high-temperature hot-melt adhesives, medium-temperature hot-melt adhesives and low-temperature hot-melt adhesives. Low temperature glue can only be used to seal edges with poor heat resistance. Low temperature glue does not necessarily mean that the glue is not good. On the contrary, as long as it is suitable for bonding. If high temperature glue is used, the edge banding will be damaged. What is the effect of edge banding? The cross section of the board is generally rough and the gelling property is not high. Therefore, as long as the hot melt adhesive is selected according to the type of edge banding, under the guarantee of mature edge banding technology, there is no need to worry about its edge banding effect.


      If the edge is not sealed according to the traditional hot melt adhesive method, problems such as edge sealing, edge warping, and blank glue are prone to occur. Hot melt adhesive does not have high requirements for the edge seal itself. Attention to details will not cause major problems. It is more secure to find a regular and strong hot melt adhesive manufacturer to cooperate.