What is the bonding of hot melt adhesive


       What is the bonding of hot melt adhesive? I believe that many people in the hot melt adhesive industry will think of what is the basis of bonding. Introduced the bonding principle of hot melt adhesive, how to achieve a good bonding effect, how to choose a suitable hot melt adhesive, and how to treat the surface of the material.


1. Mechanical combination.

The adhesion between the hot melt adhesive and the adhesive is mechanical adhesion. After applying glue on the glued surface, the hot melt glue penetrates into the pores of the glue, and then dries and solidifies, causing friction between the hot melt glue and the glue and increasing the bonding force between the two.


2. Mutual diffusion.

The bond between polymer compounds is formed by the diffusion of the polymer itself or its chains through thermal motion. The interface essentially dissolves each other, interweaving the hot melt adhesive and adhesive molecules into solid bonds. The diffusion rate is related to temperature and pressure.


3. Chemical reaction.

The chemical cross-linking reaction occurs at the interface between the hot melt adhesive and the adhesive. The cross-linking reaction includes hydrogen bonding, positional bonding and covalent bonding.