What are the main parts of the hot melt glue machine


A complete set of hot melt glue machine is mainly divided into the following three parts:

1. Hot melt glue machine-host, the main function of the host is a complete set of melter control system parameters (including temperature adjustment, pressure adjustment, etc.), and the host has an integrated heating melting cylinder to convert solid hot melt glue into In the liquid state, the amount of glue that can be installed in the melting tank depends on its specifications. Customers can choose the appropriate melting tank according to product requirements. Common melting tanks are divided into 5L, 10L, 15L, 30L, 60L, 120L.

2. Hot melt hose—insulation hose is a tool for transporting hot melt adhesive. The heat preservation pipe has built-in heating wire, heating wire, etc. The heating temperature can be set independently. The inner diameter and length of the pipe have a corresponding value, and the corresponding length can be selected according to the customer's needs and operating technology.

3. Hot Melt Glue Gun—responsible for spraying hot melt glue onto the adhesive material in different ways. The glue gun has automatic and manual types. Gluing function Customers can choose dots, strips, spirals, fibers, fog, squeegee, etc. according to their product process requirements, and choose the corresponding glue gun.

The above is the most basic configuration and core configuration of a whole set of hot melt adhesive machine.