Talking about the common coating methods of hot melt adhesive


What are the commonly used coating methods for hot melt adhesives?


One is the hot melt adhesives squeegee system.

The hot melt adhesive is often uneven during the coating process, which requires a certain squeegee mechanism to average the squeegee. The squeegee mechanism mainly includes stainless steel squeegee, comma squeegee, squeegee, steel wire squeegee, air flow squeegee, etc.


The second is  hot melt adhesives anilox coating.

The coating equipment mainly uses a mesh coating roller to stop coating. The coating is average and the coating amount is accurate. However, it is difficult to adjust the coating amount after the types of coating mesh rolls and glue are determined, which is the main reason why the application of mesh rolls is restricted. melt adhesives Calendering paint.

This method uses a calender to coat sizing material on the surface of a paper or fabric substrate, which can be divided into film calender coating and powder calender coating. The former method is to make the coating plastic into a film, and then use a calender roller to heat and melt the surface of the substrate; the latter method is to spray powdered resin into the substrate surface, and then use the calender roller to heat and melt the surface. melt adhesives Spraying system.

The coating equipment mainly heats and coagulates the solid glue, and then sprays the glue directly on the substrate through the coating die through hydraulic installation.