Application of hot melt adhesive in the industry


Hot melt adhesives for other industries

      There are not many glues used in shoemaking, construction and electrical appliances in China, but with China's entry into the WTO, the international trend of hot melt adhesives will inevitably drive demand in this area. As a manufacturer, you must be aware of this and make corresponding countermeasures.

      Although the application of hot melt adhesives continues to expand, and domestic development and production in this area are also increasing, there are too many domestic hot melt adhesive companies and the scale is too small. Among the more than 60 hot melt adhesive manufacturers, more than half of them have an annual sales volume of less than 500 tons, and there is almost no scale benefit at all. At the same time, the utilization rate of the total production capacity of hot melt adhesive companies is only about 50%, and there is a serious overcapacity, which leads to fierce market competition. The low-level price war is not only detrimental to the technological innovation of enterprises, but also damages the enthusiasm of manufacturers.