Did you buy the right masks for your child?


Regarding protective masks, Ji Lianmei said that protective masks are suitable for haze, and that medical staff can prevent extremely strong infectious diseases, such as haze masks and N95 masks. The advantage is that they have the highest protection level. However, there is no significant difference between the prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases and disposable medical surgical masks, and in comparison, they also have the characteristics of poor comfort and higher prices.


      Cotton gauze masks have the characteristics of warmth and comfort, suitable for people who are sensitive to cold air, but it is difficult to effectively prevent respiratory infections. In Ji Lianmei's view, it is necessary to choose a mask that matches the size of the face. When wearing a disposable medical surgical mask, distinguish between the inside and the outside. The light-colored side is the inside. The wrinkled surface should be fully unfolded, and the mouth, nose, and chin should be completely covered, and then the nose clip should be pressed tightly to make the mask and the face completely fit. Wear a protective mask, clamp the nose clip, take a deep breath after wearing, and quickly breathe a few times, as long as there is no air leakage on the side of the mouth and nose.