Reasons for insufficient earloop pull of mask


The reason why the earloop pull of the mask is not enough, let me give you a few points:

1. That's not good enough, you get what you pay for. If you want to buy good tensile strength, I suggest you choose nylon;

2. If the request is not given to the manufacturer, what is made is conventional, which seems to be nothing, but for example, if you are mailing to a foreign country, you must tell them that the pins will be adjusted and denser. In this case, earloop will not Due to long-term transportation, packaging and other aspects are affected;

3. There is another reason for the poor pull of earloop, which is that the ratio of raw materials is different, and the corresponding elasticity is different. After all, it is produced by machine. Before the pre-order, our family will mail samples in advance, and confirm it before mass production. If there are any problems, it will affect the efficiency of both parties.