Common faults and troubleshooting methods of gear pumps for hot melt adhesive machines


Today we will explain some common troubleshooting methods(hot melter), which can be easily solved by ourselves.

1. Small glue flow

The general reasons are:

The amount of glue in the melting tank is insufficient;

The filter inside the melting tank is clogged, causing poor glue suction;

Failure of the return valve;

The viscosity of the glue is too high or too low;

The gear pump is internally worn and internal pressure is leaking.


elimination method:

Heat and melt the glue in the melting tank to a reasonable position;

Clean the filter screen of the melting tank to remove the blockage;

Check whether the sealing ring of the return valve is damaged, whether the valve seat and valve body are worn, if there is wear, it needs to be replaced;

Set the appropriate temperature of the glue tank to make the hot melt glue be used in the best condition;

As a result of insufficient wear resistance of gears, shafts, and pump bodies, it may cause wear and tear. It is necessary to replace corresponding parts or replace the entire gear pump.