Does the tiktok teacher come to the factory to guide work like this?


Purking Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. has settled in tiktok for half a month. Today, several tiktok teachers took time out of their busy schedule to come to the company to guide tiktok's work. Although the sky is not beautiful today and it is raining heavily, the teachers still arrived as scheduled. This is very respectable for our company.

After leading the teacher to introduce the factory, let the teacher have a general understanding of our company's pur hot melt glue machine products, and then started tiktok operation guidance. The teacher explained very carefully, starting from the companys products, which type of video should be selected, how the picture should be displayed in the video, and some dynamic pictures of the operation of the equipment can be taken. It is best to be a real person on the camera, with a plan or a real person pronunciation. How to choose the plan and so on. After the explanation, we solved the problems that occurred during tiktok's operation during this period. I was very patient and the solutions were in place, which benefited us a lot.