Purking technology shipments burst


On May 30, 2021, Purking Technology has the largest number of shipments in more than a year, with 5 55-gallon bulk melter and 10 5-gallon bulk melter. It is a day worth celebrating.


The summer in Guangdong is really hot and long. Taking advantage of the low temperature in the morning, the truck masters waited at the door of the company early in the morning. Our employees hurriedly put down the water bottles in their hands and started busy equipment loading. Although the temperature in the morning is not high, I pushed the companys 360KG 55-gallon pur hot melt glue machine into the truck, parked it in the innermost part and tied the equipment with straps. At this time, everyone was sweating, but everyone couldnt take care of it anymore. Sweat, and immediately get down to prepare the second and third equipment. After more than two hours of busy work, I finally got all the equipment up. The temperature at this time was close to 32 degrees. The clothes on everyone's backs were all sweaty. The first thing to do was to pour a bottle of water down. Thank you for the weekend. Rest time to work overtime for the company to load and ship goods.