Features of polyester hot melt adhesive


       A kind of hot-melt adhesive made of polyester resin is called polyester hot-melt adhesive. It is the main material of polyester resin and also saturated linear resin. The ideal choice is aromatic containing 8-16 carbon atoms. A dibasic carboxyl group, and a low-molecular-weight diol containing 2-8 carbon atoms aliphatic diol.

       The main characteristics of polyester hot melt adhesive are: strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, dry and wet washing resistance, and good electrical properties. The disadvantage is that it has a large melt viscosity and generally requires special coating equipment for construction. According to its chemical structure, hot melt adhesives can be divided into three types: copolyester, polyether polyester and polyamide polyester. The ratio of the matrix to other additives is not strict. The main function of the additives is to reduce the melt viscosity of the polyester hot melt adhesive.