Application of pur hot melt adhesive in car lights


1. Resistance to hot and cold temperature shock

     Traditional hot melt adhesives will have adhesive failure and degumming when the alternating hot and cold is obvious. The main reason is that the bonding process of traditional hot melt adhesives is a physical reaction, and the physical characteristics of the adhesive will be affected by the change of the external temperature. Viscosity: The pur glue bonding process is a chemical change, once it is bonded, it will not lose its viscosity due to external temperature changes.


2. Lower operating temperature

     The operating temperature of traditional hot melt adhesives is usually 160°C-200°C, while the operating temperature of pur hot melt adhesives is much lower, usually 110°C-120°C. This can prevent many materials from being deformed when exposed to high temperatures. The machine can work at a lower temperature, which can also extend its service life.


3. The highest bonding strength

     Pur hot melt adhesives have higher bonding strength than traditional hot melt adhesives. Pur hot melt adhesives can have a viscosity of up to 20000-40000 CPS, while traditional hot melt adhesives have a viscosity of about 2000-10000 CPS, and pur hot melt Glue is also very resistant to vibration.