What are the advantages of hot melt adhesives compared to traditional glues?


1. Viscosity

Melt viscosity is an important indicator of hot melt adhesives, because hot melt adhesives must be used with the help of hot melt adhesive machines. Generally speaking, different industries and different uses have different hot melt adhesive formulations.


2. Curing time

The hot melt glue uses heat as the medium, and the glue is bonded after cooling. Therefore, attention must be paid to the control of operating time in use.

Curing time: refers to the shortest time that can form a bond after gluing. Opening time: refers to the longest allowable time after gluing to pressing.


3. Temperature resistance

EVA hot melt adhesive is limited by its physical properties, so its heat resistance is between 40°C and 65°C under constant temperature conditions. The main reason is that the melting point of EVA is also between 40°C and 70°C. Pur heat The heat resistance of melt adhesive is super strong, up to 100.


4. Adhesion

When talking about adhesion, the main focus is on the material to be bonded. According to the general classification, there are metal, plastic, paper, wood, etc. or according to the bonding conditions required by the customer. Choose the appropriate model and the appropriate product. , Can avoid problems afterwards and save service time.