How to choose the right nose wire


At present, in terms of price, nose wire has already recovered from the previous unit price. In the face of rising raw materials, many nose wire manufacturers add second-hand materials to the plastic materials and make changes in the process to reduce production costs. Obviously, this approach is not advisable, and it is difficult for customers to place orders after cooperation. A good nose wire has the following characteristics:

1. The appearance is clean and white, and the surface is smooth and free of burrs. This effect can only be achieved by using new plastic materials.

2. The texture of the nose wire should not be too soft. The too soft nose wire has poor shaping effect. It has good flexibility and will not expose the iron thread when twisting the nose wire. The nose wire should be bent at least 10 times and should not be broken, and it can be rotated 360 The degree will not expose the iron thread.

3. The nose wire is sturdy and neatly wound, so as to ensure that there will be no disconnection or knotting during the mask production process, and too much time is wasted to arrange the nose wire.