What is the material of the nose wire of the mask?


1. Aluminum coil nose wire

Made of metal aluminum. The nose wire made of this material has a very good bending effect, but because its metal material is easy to damage the human body, it is difficult to separate and recycle the discarded mask after use.


2. Polyolefin coated galvanized iron wire

This kind of nose wire is coated with a layer of polyolefin polymer material on the galvanized iron wire. This type of nose wire has two types of coated single metal wire and double metal wire, which are called single-core nose wire and double-core nose wire.


3. All plastic nose wire

This kind of nose wire is mainly made of modified PE, PP and other materials. The all-plastic nose wire has good hardness, impact resistance and stretch resistance. This kind of nose wire is mainly used in medical masks.