Can wearing multiple masks provide more protection?


       We know that the protective effect of a mask depends on factors such as the filtering effect of the mask fabric, the degree of fit between the mask and the face and the bridge of the nose. So can wearing two or more masks at the same time increase the protective effect?

 The protective effect of masks is mainly through the following 2 points:

1. Ensure that air cannot enter the mask through the side face or the bridge of the nose. Because the air coming in from these two places is not filtered at all, the virus particles enter the respiratory tract directly. From this point of view, the fitting design of the side of the mask is very important. Wearing multiple masks may cause the mask to fit poorly. Virus particles can get in directly;

2. Let air enter the mask only through the multi-layer filter cloth of the mask, keeping virus particles out of the mask. Usually it is 3 or 5 layers of fabric. If you wear 2 masks at the same time, it will make the wearer feel uncomfortable and increase the difficulty of breathing. The mask will be moistened in a short time, so that a large number of bacteria will be attached to the inside of the mask.