How long does the disposable mask need to be replaced?


Wearing a mask for a long time has a more direct effect on breathing. For people with poor cardiorespiratory function, wearing a mask is undoubtedly a tortured thing. When going up the stairs, shopping for groceries, and cleaning, there will be symptoms of breathlessness, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing. The consequences are also more serious. If you have such problems when you wear a mask, it is better to find a place with good ventilation, remove the mask, and breathe some air for a while.


Wearing a mask for a long time can also destroy the water and oil balance of the skin, or cause allergies and other manifestations. After wearing it for more than 8 hours, the humidity and temperature of the mask will increase, which is very suitable for the reproduction of bacteria. The existence of a large number of bacteria, whether harmful or harmless, will hinder the normal metabolism of the skin, clogging the pores, destroying the balance of water and oil, and causing problems such as acne and acne on the face. Some people with allergies may experience itching, redness, swelling and pain due to their allergies to mask materials. 

For a person who needs to wear a mask for a long time, it is necessary to moisturize and maintain the skin every day. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure adequate rest to avoid further affecting the endocrine and accelerating the growth of acne, so it takes about four hours on average. Change once