Test method for yellowing resistance of shoe material hot melt adhesive


     The yellowing resistance test method of hot melt adhesive for shoes meets the standard of HG/T3689-2001. It is carried out in a yellowing resistance test box, which is a yellowing test under the conditions of simulating natural light, ultraviolet rays, heat and colorimetric comparison.


      First, make a sample strip with a growth of 62±2mm, a width of 12±2mm, and a thickness of not more than 50±2mm. Place the sample strips in two concentric circles with a diameter of 75mm and 300mm, and use a light-shielding sheet at each end of 20mm. Cover, adjust to a position 250±2mm away from the bulb, start the test after setting the time, and compare it with the standard color chart within half an hour after the end of the test to determine the test result.