What adhesive is suitable for disposable sanitary products?


All adhesives for disposable sanitary products must be environment-friendly and odorless. It's better to choose transparent color with strong stickiness. The adhesive that can be pasted by light pressure can be applied under normal temperature. Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive is suitable for the bonding of such products.


Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive is a kind of adhesive based on thermoplastic polymer, which can be coated in molten state, wetted and quickly bonded with light pressure after cooling. This adhesive does not contain organic solvents, cooling speed, safety and health, so it is widely used in disposable sanitary products industry.

 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

The function of pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive in sanitary products is self-evident. It must cooperate with the hot melt glue machine to play its high efficiency and high quality and safety role. If it is to achieve higher efficiency and save manpower, a three-axis dispensing machine can be equipped to automatically spot the adhesive, so that the high quality and efficiency of sanitary products can be guaranteed, although it is only a small sealing and bonding link, But it also plays a decisive role in quality.