Do you have to wear n95 mask to protect yourself?


We know that the protective effect of n95 mask is the highest among all kinds of masks in China, and the virus filtering effect can reach more than 95%. So we must wear the best n95 mask to better protect ourselves when we go out?

N95 mask

N95 mask has a good filtering effect, which is closely related to its multi-layer fabric and side face fitting design. Disposable mask usually has only three layers of fabric, n95 mask has five layers of fabric, and more than two layers of fabric can prevent air from entering through the mask. Secondly, the side face design of n95 mask can perfectly fit the face without any gap. After kneading the nose wire above the mask, the air can only enter the human respiratory tract through the five layers of cloth on the front of the mask, which is better than the disposable mask. Then, because the air can only pass in and out through the mask, and the air permeability of the 5-layer cloth is twice as poor as that of the 3-layer cloth, it will be much more stuffy to wear than a disposable mask.

The "technical guide for the selection and use of masks for prevention of new coronavirus infection among different populations" issued by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention explains the types of masks worn by different populations and scenes. Except for the staff in isolation ward, fever clinic and nucleic acid collection point in high-risk area, other staff are not recommended to wear N95 protective mask. N95 mask has strong protection ability and good air tightness, which may lead to hypoxia symptoms in people with weak respiratory function such as cardiopulmonary disease and the elderly. Therefore, we have to choose the right mask to wear according to our own actual situation.