Do you wear masks in the right way?


In China, the epidemic situation has been basically controlled. However, it is suggested that people should wear masks when going out to crowded places to protect their health. For example, it is required to wear masks when taking buses. In addition, it is recommended to wear masks when going out to crowded public places. However, we will find that many people wear masks only to cover their mouth and chin, exposing their nose outside, Is this the right way to wear a mask?

Have you ever seen such a phenomenon that some people on the bus are not used to wearing masks and feel that their breathing is not smooth (stuffy), so when wearing masks, they only cover their mouths and expose their noses outside. Then bus drivers usually have to remind you to put on masks before getting on the bus. We know that people's breathing is mostly carried out through the nose, exposing the nose outside, and the air is inhaled into people's respiratory tract without being filtered by the mask, so that the mask completely loses its function.


Although some people cover their nose and mouth, they don't fold and pinch the nose wire above the mask, so there is a big gap between the upper part of the mask and the two sides of the bridge of nose. This is also incorrect. They can't play the role of the nose wire, and the air can still enter the respiratory tract through the gap between the two sides of the bridge of nose. Therefore, the correct way to wear a mask is to fold and knead the bridge of the nose above the mask, open the mask, cover the mouth, nose and chin, and hang the ear rope on both ears, so as to give full play to the protective effect of the mask.