What are the characteristics of the handheld hot melt glue gun?


Earlier we talked about the PUR hot melt glue machine does not need other dispensing equipment, it can also realize the gluing function by itself, only need to be equipped with a handheld hot melt glue gun to meet, so what is special about the handheld hot melt glue gun Functional features?


Compared with the hot melt glue gun fixed on the dispensing equipment, the handheld hot melt glue gun has the following 3 features:

1. Precise module design and manual switch design can provide precise glue breaking effect.

2. Nozzles of different specifications can be customized according to various application industries and spraying requirements to achieve fiber spray, mist spray, glue dispensing, glue coating, and more.

3. It can be matched with ordinary hot melt glue machine or pur hot melt glue machine according to the actual product process requirements to realize the multifunctional use of a gun.