Two situations of hot melt adhesive adding glue


Add glue to empty slot:

It is recommended to use the lower limit of the normal operating temperature for the initial temperature of the empty glue tank. After part of the hot melt machine melts and there is liquid flowing hot melt at the bottom, it will rise to the normal operating temperature. In order to avoid the hot melt adhesive that does not flow away from the heat, and there is no hot melt adhesive liquid at the temperature detection probe, the room temperature is detected, and the closed-loop negative feedback mechanism of temperature control cannot be formed, causing local temperature to be too high and hot. Melting glue is easy to accelerate aging and carbon formation.


Add glue during normal use:

The general principle of adding glue in normal use is small amount and multiple times, the purpose is to ensure that the actual temperature fluctuation of the hot melt adhesive in the glue tank is small, and the best bonding performance of the hot melt adhesive is exerted. In daily operation, it is recommended to add glue in time when the remaining 50% of the hot melt adhesive is up and down, and the amount added should not exceed 80% of the glue tank capacity, so as to prevent the hot melt glue from overflowing the latter and bringing dust and other dirt into the glue tank, causing the gun to be blocked. Frequent.