Can the PUR hot melt glue machine be glued separately?


    PUR hot melt glue machine is a kind of equipment that integrates glue and gluing method. For small enterprises, if you do not plan to buy automatic dispensing equipment, choose a pur hot melt glue machine and a manual hot melt glue gun. Glue can be hand-held manually?


    Compared with the large-scale glue gun, the handheld glue gun has the characteristics of flexible movement and can be glued at different locations in the workshop. When different products require different gluing methods, you can choose different nozzles for gluing. Our nozzles have many types, including spiral, strip, dot and mist fibers, which are suitable for gluing products in a variety of industries. At the same time, the hand-held hot melt glue gun adopts a unique protective gear design, which can prevent the operator from accidentally scalding while working. The universal joint is combined with advanced European technology, which makes the operation very flexible and convenient.