What are the requirements for a good nose wire


Mask nose wires are divided into two types: external and internal. The external nose wires are rarely used at present, and have basically switched to internal ones. Then the built-in ones are: single-core nose wire, double-core nose wire, all-plastic nose wire and aluminum coil nose wire. Why do everyone choose the built-in nose wire now? The reason is simple. The external nose wire is single and cannot be continuously produced on an automatic machine, while the built-in nose wire is usually a roll, which can be used on a fully automatic machine, and the production is high.

     What is the performance of a good nose wire? No disconnection, no joints, no knots, no thread ends.

     At present, the production of masks all use fully automatic machines. The nose wire is usually the continuous operation of the whole roll of mask machine. This requires that no joints appear in the middle of the whole roll of nose wire, and the wire cannot be dropped during the mask production process to avoid knotting of the bridge of the nose. Make sure that after installing the nose wire, complete the roll in one go, saving refueling time.