The unknown production process of double-core nose wire


     At present, the nose wire is rarely used externally in the production of masks. Compared with the external nose wire, the built-in has greater advantages. It can be fully automated and has high efficiency. There is no need to worry about scratching people's skin and the cost is relatively low. The more common built-in nose wires include single-core nose wire, double-core nose wire, all-plastic nose wire, and aluminum coiled nose wire are also produced by built-in methods. Today we will explain the production process of the double-core nose wire:

     The production process of double-core nose wire is the same as that of single-core. Only two iron wires are applied to the double-core at a time, and only one is used for the single-core. It is roughly subjected to wire drawing, coating extrusion, water tank cooling, tractor frequency conversion guidance, and winding machine winding. And other processes.