How to choose hot melt adhesive products


      Those who have used hot melt adhesives know that different application industries require different hot melt adhesives. The specific decision depends on the material of the bonded object. So how should we choose the right one for so many hot melt adhesives? Today we will explain under:

       First, the color of the glue. Generally speaking, yellow hot-melt adhesive has the strongest adhesion. If the bonding object itself has no special requirements for color, it is recommended that you use yellow hot-melt adhesive. If the packaging box of the food industry is bonded with colored glue, it will affect the appearance, so it is better to choose a transparent hot melt glue;

      Second, the surface treatment of the adhesive. The use of hot melt adhesive is not as strict as other adhesives, but the dust and oil on the surface of the adhesive should also be properly handled to make the hot melt adhesive better use the adhesive.

      Third, working hours. The cooling time of hot melt adhesives is usually about 10-20 seconds. Hot melt adhesives with high viscosity have a slow cooling time, and hot melt adhesives with low viscosity have a relatively fast cooling time. For example, book binding and speaker manufacturing require the operating time of hot melt adhesive to reach about 5 seconds, so choose a relatively low-viscosity glue. The viscosity of hot melt is divided into early viscosity and late viscosity. Hot melts and adhesives can remain stable only when the early viscosity is consistent with the late viscosity. In the production and development process of hot melt, it should be ensured that its work has properties such as oxygen resistance, halogen resistance, acidity and alkalinity, and enhances the plasticity of the material.