The effect of high humidity in summer on hot melt adhesives


Summer is approaching, and the temperature in Guangdong continues to rise. Our hot melt adhesive products are also facing a problem, that is, the product softening caused by too high temperature. "Hot Melt Adhesive" has a hot word, which is more sensitive to heat. A temperature difference of more than 10 degrees will cause the product to change. The higher the temperature, the greater the molecular movement, which leads to a decrease in the strength of the glue, which causes the product to flow in hot weather. Therefore, as a hot melt adhesive research and development company, we must accurately recommend products for customers. Only when the recommended products are in place can we avoid all this.

Glue flow is usually due to insufficient high temperature resistance of the hot melt adhesive. This type of glue only has a high temperature resistance of 60 degrees. Put the product into a high temperature of 90 degrees. Due to excessive heat absorption of the product, the finished product is deformed, resulting in flow . When we recommend hot melt adhesives to customers, we must fully understand the customer’s product production process and remind customers of the adjustments we need to make when ordering in each season to avoid glue flow in the glued product.